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Stress-Relieving Annealing(SRA)

SRA(Stress Relieving Annealing) 열처리 공정


Stress-relieving annealing heats metal to a proper temperature below the A₁ temperature in order to remove the residual stress produced in the metal due to forging, casting, machining, and welding.

It is an annealing process that heats metal to a temperature below the critical temperature and allows to cool slowly in order to remove residual stress.

2)High-Temperature Annealing
It is an annealing process of heating the metal to a proper temperature, keeping it at that temperature for some time, and allowing to cool slowly in order to reduce hardness and improve machinability. It obtains the desired microstructure for easy cold working.


It is commonly used in mass-production and requires fewer personnel due to easy operation through automation.

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